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Giant Angora Rabbit Category: Rabbit Facts about Giant Angora Rabbits. The Giant Angora Rabbit is the biggest of all the domestic Angora Rabbit breeds, which was developed by a rabbit breeder, Louise Walsh, of Taunton, Massachusetts. The Giant Angora Rabbit breed was developed chiefly for wool-production by feeding it an alfalfa based feed and hay. "Scientific name for Giant Angora Rabbit is Oryctolagus cuniculus". "Fear of Rabbits Leporiphobia". All rabbit breeds are "lagomorphs" various plant-eating mammal of the order Lagomorpha ; a hare, rabbit, or pika. The Giant Angora Rabbits are capable of living in the normal size all wire cages, meant for commercial rabbit breeds. Louise Walsh created a new rabbit breed from French Lops, German Angoras, and Flemish Giants to generate an entirely dissimilar body type, which he called as the Giant Angora Rabbit. This 6-class rabbit breed is considered a showy rabbit by most of the rabbit breeders. Featu
This message is especially for our rabbit brethren who have grapes in Punjab, or who have fancy rabbits on their roofs.  Because it's starting to heat up  Understanding the difficulties of such brothers, some safeguards are being put in place to protect the rabbits from the heat. 1. Place a piece of marble in your rabbit cage that is about x feet wide or better than the size of the cage you have.  Its feature is that it will stay cool in the shade and your rabbit will be cool by the feet and help him control his body temperature.2 2.Keep a frozen bottle of water in your rabbit cage twice a day. The rabbit will sit with it and control their body temperature. 3.Provide cold water to rabbits two to three times a day. 4.Make the rabbits ventilate the place where they are placed and hang the sacks or sticks etc. on the side where the air is entering, and soak them two or three times a day so that the cool air inside. 5.After every fortnight, spray germs on the farm and tho

Planning to Change Feed for your Rabbit? Watch this video!!

You must know this information if you are planning to change feed for your rabbit. Watch the video and please do subscribe!!

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Rabbit pellets purchasing tips

Let's learn how much protein should be in the pellets for your rabbits. Plus I also shared the general tips you should consider while you are purchasing pellets for your rabbits. For more videos please subscribe

How much to feed your rabbit per day?

It's very important to know how much to feed your rabbits. This feeding depends and varies between the type of condition of your. rabbit. Watch the video to learn more.

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میاں چنوں فینسی ریبٹ فارم 03006913752 فینسی خرگوش(ریبٹ) فارمنگ نوٹ: یہ ایک معلوماتی پوسٹ ہے. مختصر فسیبلیٹی آپ کے لیئے پیش کر رہا هوں جس سےآپ اس کام کو وقت دے سکتے ہیں. انکی نگہداشت کر سکتے ہیں اور انکی خوراک اور مسائل سے آگاہی حاصل کریں شروعات  آپ دو طرح کر سکتے ہیں. 1. بچوں سے Bonnie's  2. بچے دینے والوں سے Breeder 1. مختلف انگورا نسل کے بچے  آپ کو 5000 سے 30000 تک ملیں گے. اس میں انکے بریڈر ہونے کا انتظار کرنا ہو گا. 2. مختلف انگورا نسل کے بریڈر آپکو 30000 سے 60000 تک ملیں گے. ایک بریڈر مادہ سال بھر میں کم از کم 30 بچے دیتی ہے اور زیادہ بچے دے تو 50 تا 70 بھی دے سکتی ہے. ایک خرگوش کا یومیہ خرچ بمشکل 4 روپے ہے. اس میں جگہ کا کرایا، بجلی ٹرانسپورٹ اور لیبر شامل نہیں. 4×365=1460 خرچ فی خرگوش  آپ اگر اپنے سیٹ اپ میں 6 مادہ اور 2 نر ڈال لیں. کل خوارک اور ادویات کی مد میں آپ 12000 خرچ کریں گے. اور فی مادہ آپکو سال میں 30 بچے دے. تو 6 مادہ کے کل 180 بچے ہوتے ہیں. کم سے کم قیمت بھی