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Giant Angora Rabbit Category: Rabbit Facts about Giant Angora Rabbits. The Giant Angora Rabbit is the biggest of all the domestic Angora Rabbit breeds, which was developed by a rabbit breeder, Louise Walsh, of Taunton, Massachusetts. The Giant Angora Rabbit breed was developed chiefly for wool-production by feeding it an alfalfa based feed and hay. "Scientific name for Giant Angora Rabbit is Oryctolagus cuniculus". "Fear of Rabbits Leporiphobia". All rabbit breeds are "lagomorphs" various plant-eating mammal of the order Lagomorpha ; a hare, rabbit, or pika. The Giant Angora Rabbits are capable of living in the normal size all wire cages, meant for commercial rabbit breeds. Louise Walsh created a new rabbit breed from French Lops, German Angoras, and Flemish Giants to generate an entirely dissimilar body type, which he called as the Giant Angora Rabbit. This 6-class rabbit breed is considered a showy rabbit by most of the rabbit breeders. Featu