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Important Steps to take Care for Rabbits in Hot Weather

For t emperatures over 85 degrees, rabbits may show signs of overheating and with the quick techniques below you could minimise the effects of over heating. 1.  Providing Plenty of Cool Water for your rabbits for drinking,  occasionally   you could mist your rabbit with water spray bottle. Use water bottle rather than open pots. Also try to cover the bottles and keep them away from direct sunlight. 2. Placement of the Hutch is also very important. Keep the Hutch or build it where the sun light is minimum for the whole day.  3. You could also house the Rabbit Inside ,  exposed to continuous air conditioning need not take extra steps to keep the animals cool. 4. H andle your rabbit, do so in the morning or evening when temperatures are cooler. Handling during day time could stress them out and that might lead to over heating. 5. While travelling for different Rabbit pet shows keep  frozen water, bring extra water dishes, and bring a fan if possible. Thanks