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Healthy and unhealthy rabbit symptoms with body parts

photo : Healthy Unhealthy Eyes Clear and bright Dull, cloudy, runny Nose Clean (no discharge) Nasal discharge or mucous Ears Clean with smooth skin inside Crusty or scabby Head Held straight and upright Tilted to one side Coat Smooth, shiny Dry, dull, patchy hair Skin Soft and supple Dry, tight, hard Feet Well furred, straight toes, unbroken claws Patchy fur on feet, sores or redness on pads, crooked or broken toes and claws. Temperature 99.1 - 102.9°F (37.3°C - 39.4°C) (rectal) Above or below the healthy range Respiration 35 - 60 breaths per minute Noticeably slow or fast respiration (except during exercise) Droppings Hard and round (except for cecotrophes) Soft and runny Appetite Normal Does not eat Thirst Normal Does not drink at all or is drinking all the