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List of common Rabbit Medicine

A detailed list of rabbit-safe medicine and proper doses of each one is something that every rabbit owner needs! While there are many such lists on the internet, we have gone the extra mile to offer you the most comprehensive list possible. There are few things more frustrating than needing to know what will treat a certain health problem. But then, once you find the item, what good does it do when there’s no dosage information? Frankly, it does very little to help you treat your bunny if you dont know how much of something can be given, or how often. For these reasons, we have made our list very easy to read, understand, and find the exact types of medicines noted with what they treat, and the dosage amounts. Furthermore, we have also included important notes with each drug to inform you of what ages can be treated, what becomes toxic, and much more. << Important to mention that you should read our disclaimer at the bottom of this page! >> A ACID PACK (4-WAY)