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This message is especially for our rabbit brethren who have grapes in Punjab, or who have fancy rabbits on their roofs.  Because it's starting to heat up  Understanding the difficulties of such brothers, some safeguards are being put in place to protect the rabbits from the heat. 1. Place a piece of marble in your rabbit cage that is about x feet wide or better than the size of the cage you have.  Its feature is that it will stay cool in the shade and your rabbit will be cool by the feet and help him control his body temperature.2 2.Keep a frozen bottle of water in your rabbit cage twice a day. The rabbit will sit with it and control their body temperature. 3.Provide cold water to rabbits two to three times a day. 4.Make the rabbits ventilate the place where they are placed and hang the sacks or sticks etc. on the side where the air is entering, and soak them two or three times a day so that the cool air inside. 5.After every fortnight, spray germs on the farm and tho